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"Newton appears to have a Chip on his shoulder" (article)

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David Newton is raising the bar... Here's another good article written by him. (Definitely worth a full read)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Cam Newton was asked if the Carolina Panthers had named team captains as he wrapped up his Wednesday afternoon media availability.

"No, we haven't,'' the quarterback said matter-of-factly. "Have no clue. I'm not worried about captains right now. There's other bigger fish in the sea right now for me.''

"Those plays linger, linger, linger. We look up and now it's the fourth quarter and now we need to drive. We can't put ourselves in that situation and expect for something good to happen at the end when we had multiple opportunities the whole time.''

"Come game time when the bullets start flying we'll see how well I have evolved and matured with my game plan,'' Newton said when asked to compare his game today to what it was this time a year ago.


Great piece imo... Although I think he has kaepernick confused with Wilson... Although I'm definitely no GQ expert.

<discuss> (also scoured the whole from page, and didn't see this posted)

I hope he does have a chip... He plays better when he's mad and people "forget" about him

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All I know is that The Carolina Panthers aren't playing ANY games going into this year. Everyone seems focused and ready to exceed expectations in every single way. Every single interview I've heard from all the key players seem super dialed in!

For some weird reason, I've got a really good feeling about this year.

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They better vote him as caption. Or fire Rivera.

Pretty sure that is why they switched up how captains are designated.

Smith and Gross are former All Pro/Pro Bowlers who have played a career here. Tough to take it away from them. Old format would have kept him out

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The ignorance in that statement is stifling.


I hope they turn Newton's captions off while he's giving the play in the huddle.


If they don't, the defense will know what play we're running every time.




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