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Fearless Predictions - Seahawks Edition

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we win the coin toss.


we decide we want to receive. ball kicked to ginn who runs it back for a TD.



seahawks get the ball. lynch gets stuffed on first down, TFL thanks to star. 2nd down and long wilson gets sacked. on 3rd, while facing another big hit from the DL, throws it into the hands of josh norman. pick 6.



seahawks get the ball again and look like they are having a decent drive making a couple first downs, but then are forced to punt.


panthers get the ball back and impose their will all the way down the field mixing it up nicely between passing and running. tolbert powers it into the end zone.



seahawks next drive nets them a FG.



panthers slack off a little and and after a failed drive get the ball back into the seahawks hands and they rush for a TD.



that's the score heading into the 2nd half.


2nd half, seahawks start out fairly strong and get into the endzone again.



next possession, the panthers stall out and put themselves barely in FG range. gano kicks a 55+ yard FG.



next posession gano kicks the seahawks back inside the 20 and after a little bit of intimidation and a false start or two, the defense backs the seahawks up against the GL where on third and long, wilson gets sacked for a safety.



defense and offense are both fired up and cam starts a great drive that winds up with ginn getting his 2nd TD of the day on his first catch of the day...a 70 yard display of beauty from cam and ginn.



the seahawks offense stalls out a couple times, but in the 4th quarter manages a good drive that gets them into the endzone.



the panthers come back with a plan to take as much time off the clock and just keep running the ball down the field. they get to the goalline and cam flys over the defenders heads and lands rolling into the endzone.



after that the seahawks manage to do nothing offensively and the panthers manage to run out the clock.


your final fearless prediction...

panthers win, 40-24


*passes pipe to the left*


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5 sacks from DL

Kuechly has 12 tackles

Smith, LeFell & Armanti combine for 13 catches 183 yards

Olsen has 10 catches alone

D.Will = 18 carries, 108 yards

Ginn has a return TD

Panthers 38, Seahawks 17

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Kuechly will have the most tackles in the NFL at the end of the 1st week. (Somewhere around 16-18) He'll also grab an interception from Russell, setting our team in prime scoring position.


Our offense actually looks the same as it did in preseason; the Huddle crashes. May God have mercy on us all for the rest of the season.


Armanti won't be be active.


Star destroys Lynch in the 1st quarter, making him scared to run the rest of the game. (He'll finish with 76 yards rushing)


We win 16-13

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The OL isn't terrible.

Cam doesn't throw a pick (would be amazing against this secondary)

The Kraken/Luke/Star show off the young core of the defense while scaring the poo out of people


We win, 24-20

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I predict a huddle meltdown early Sunday evening followed by numerous posts calling for Rivera's head and numerous more posts questioning why the panthers picked this guy and how the hell did we cut that guy.

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We're up three with five minutes to go. We go into a prevent defense, Lynch breaks off a 50 yarder. Wilson runs a play action and completes a pass down to the five. Next play hits his full back in the flat to go ahead. We see Nakamura go streaking into the field to go laugh in Riveras face and say it wasn't his fault! He proceeds to bs arrested and booked. Otherwise, we lose. The talk about Cams attitude comes back. Everything's the same.

On the other hand, we use the 10 am PT to our advantage and strike fast and don't wait to open up the play book. We win 27-13. Offense gets back to 2011 averages and we finished the game the way we did against the Falcons and deadskins.

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