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"Man, but we played good enough to win"......

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Panthers Defense can put up overall good numbers, but always seem to have a way of letting leads slip late in games or when it counts. 


Today's game was a mixed bag. On one hand Seattle's supposed to be a very good team, and the Panthers played them close and only held them to 12 pt. 


On the other hand, Seattle may be way overrated, had many injuries, and is usually poor on the road playing 1 pm EST games, and the Panthers let them escape again. SMH


Of course, this one loss,  won't/can't stop the Panthers from making the playoffs. But it sure gives you a weak feeling, thinking you've seen this movie before, wondering if it won't end well. 


Let's hope not. 

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man, you guys are tough..... its only week 1, and it is NOT that bad....


If this was week 8 and we were 3-4 I would be pissed.. (don't forget the bye ;)

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I know it doesn't feel like it right now.  But I think if we keep building off of what we did tonight we are going to be okay.  I really do.  We need to make tweaks and some minor changes, but I really think today's game was a good first step.


I am not saying everything is great and dandy, but I do kind of like what we did today, outside of losing of course.


Especially with Cam.  I am not sure he forced a throw all day.  He made good decsions and played within himself and took what the defense gave him for the most part.


I like what I saw.  Moreso than in past seasons.  But it doesn't lessen the sting.

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