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Young Team

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We looked like a young team out there today.

Many mistakes, some very costly. First and second half.

Dropped balls



Conservative play calling was due in part to the patchwork OLine.

Game plan was good until we got away from the run in the second qtr.

Defense was out their a bit too long and it showed at the end, but, to their credit, holding the Super Bowl favs to 12 pts was a fantastic effort.

The "quick pass" stuff kinda burned them in the 4th. No adjustment made from DC.

Overall, I am actually more optimistic about the team now than I was before the game. Hate the Williams injury but the OLine played above what I thought they would. They opened holes for DWill in the 1st and 4th qtrs and gave Cam ample time to pass.

I would like to see us try a pass or two beyond 10 yds to open up the run game even more.


D B+

O C+(execution was not quite there)

ST D (fumble and OB penalties)

And still, we were in the running with the Super Bowl favs.

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    • Depends on what the play calling looks like this year. I try to avoid judging individuals on the success of a group, unless it's the HC. If Shula's play calling looks like hot garbage like it has so far and Cam & co. are just making up for it like in 2015, then yes I'll continue to hate him. If the playbook (and situational playcalling) is indeed better then I'll be glad and start warming up to Shula. 
    • Nice work on the weight loss!...thought you were gone???
    • I still think he's most valuable in a pass rushing specialist role and hopefully with the addition of Peppers and Hall we can largely keep him in that role. When he's fresh he's really hard for an OT to stay in front of. I expect him to play a bigger role thos season, but he played 434 snaps last year. Ideally, I don't want that number much over 500. For reference, CJ played 543 snaps and Ealy 623. Ajudted for snap count, Addison was by far our most productive DE.