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what is this titan bs?

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Ok cool my guide says 4:00

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    • No, we haven't heard that for the last 5-6 years. Last year we could have gotten a solid tackle if we weren't picking 30th. People were talking up Tunsil, Stanley, Conklin and even Decker. The first two were considered top 10 and Tunsil was talked about #1 until the video showed up. None of the OTs this year have gotten close to those 4's hype. Heck, the #1, 2, and 3 OTs this year are a guy who just had hip surgery and played only 1 year in D1, a guy who seems to be past his checkered history and also played only 1 year in D1/is going to be 25 by camp and a guy with character issues that top draft prognosticators have called a guard or RT at best. That pales in comparison with last year's class. The only reason those 3 may go in the 1st is because there is no one else close and there are a ton of teams at the back end of the 1st that need tackles. Also, as I said, please go watch the Senior Bowl. Almost every OT that is after the top 3 was playing and they got tore up by the DEs/OLBs. It was like multiple Remmers out there making all the DEs/OLBs look like Von Miller. I was amazed at how bad some of them looked on multiple plays. I will repeat, this class looks awful to me, way, way worse than last year. I don't care if you don't like Gettleman or not, that line has been repeated by just about every draft analyst on this draft. OT is a glaring weak spot in this draft. If you really want to be upset, go look at the top picks we traded away before he got here. Do you think Dez Bryant or Demaryius Thomas would have helped Cam a bit?
    • It's mostly your boss's. He just generously lets you keep a pittance of it compared to what he takes off of your work.
    • I know it's not popular, but what if we trade back from 8? I know it's a good draft and there are a ton of great prospects in the top 12 but it could be possible.