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Ivan The Awesome

Anyone else notice a couple of things in this current Skins vs Eagles game?

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What is Cams 40 time? I have no idea. I'm just a complete homer, but I'm honest about it.

4.58. Luke ran a faster 40 but it was only a 4.53 whatever that's worth

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DelH, we must always be on a different wavelength......don't remember saying anything about college schemes not working in the NFL. 


I would be interested if someone wants to run the AirForce ground attack in the NFL.

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Guest HelloWorld

Did you actually watch the game, or just look at the boxscore?


RG3 did not have a good game.  He looked rusty as hell until the Eagles went up 33-7 and basically played prevent defense and just tried to keep receivers in front of them and in the middle of the field.


After that RG3 piled on stats and got some points late.


I defend Cam all the time, and to be fair, his rookie year he had some games like that as well.


But RG3 had a bad night and did not look healthy.

Yes, I did watch the game. He was rusty in the 1st half. But there was a 2nd half to the game also. Remember, they were down 13 points with 9min left, that's not piling on stats. They were still in the game and lost by 6. The game came down to an offside kick. Prevent defense or not they were a high scoring offense last year and it shows that it still is. I'm not into this bash RG3 for Newton not being famous thing. The guy had ACL surgery just 9 months ago and put up 329 yards on a knee he didn't trust in the 1st half.


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The Wildcat was not really brought in from college (Dan Henning and Tony Sparano), and most people thought it had limited appeal unless you could successfully pass from it.


You couldn't, so enter the zone read.


A few things I've seen poo poo'd on here that are now a part of the game:


1. The Zone Read

2. The Pistol Formation

3. The Spread Offense

4. Running QB's


The Zone Read is a wrinkle in most places, just like the Wildcat.  You saw what happened when we ran it as a base offense.  Expect the same of the pistol.


I'd add if you think spread type offenses are a new thing in football, you might wanna brush up on the history of the sport.


Ditto running quarterbacks, unless you think Fran Tarkenton played in the 90s.  Even so, even the most mobile quarterbacks need to be able to pass to be effective in the NFL.  QBs who can run but are lousy passers make for nice highlight reels.  They don't win championships.


Yes, there are innovations, but for every innovation there are probably three or four gimmicks that might stick around in some minor form, but they don't "change the game".  Reality these days: The biggest game changers are rule changes, and those come from the league, not coaches.


Bottom Line: There are things that work in college that just won't fully translate to the pros because the speed of the game and the level of competition are just too different.  That, plus in the pros you're working with 45 men ranging in age from their early twenties to their late thirties who are getting paid (more than their coach, usually) for what they do, not 90 college kids on scholarship.

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