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Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

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From the who gives a fug department Shaun o'hara, Sterling Sharpe and Ty Law all picked the Panthers on NFL network just now. Law said its going to start with Cam and end with Smitty. That'd sure make me happy. Sharpe mentioned Kuechly for a reason why we win.

Gotta win this!

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We've beat this deadhorse before but, just said in Gameday Morning that NO teams that started 0-2 made the playoffs last season, and if you go 1-1 versus 0-2, your odds of making the playoffs go up 22%.

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@DeAngeloRB: This is today's Sunday dress! If Anyone needs me I will be at work having fun! #panthernation #ourcolors http://t.co/lrWQIykQmY

Judging from dwill's pic in his tweet I think they're goin with the silver pants today. I personally don't care if they wear purple pants as long as they win.

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Panthers will (I bet there is a thread for this, but I am rebelling against the norm.  My shrink said it was OK):


get 4 sacks

get 2 interceptions

score 4 TDs

win 34-17.

Lafell, Ginn, and Tolbert will have bigger roles. 2 will score TDs.  I am not telling which two.  That is a secret.

Luke will get 15 tackles, and one of the interceptions.  He could also recover a fumble, or he could not recover a fumble.  I am certain about one of them.

Watch for an unsuspecting hero. 


I do not want to spoil the outcome any more than this.  

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Found this interesting and what I think will be the main storyline of the game. Should surprise no one, but it comes down to te trenches.


"Carolina did quite a bit of shuffling on the offensive line against the Seahawks, with four players ending with at least 15 snaps at both guard spots, though it was necessitated by a season-ending knee injury to RG Garry Williams. Fortunately, they may have found an able replacement with Jeff Byars ending with a +1.5 grade on the back of a clean sheet in 10 pass blocks and some strong work at the point of attack in the run game. At left guard, they didn’t fare as well with both Travelle Wharton and Chris Scott struggling. Scott was particularly awful in both facets — and as we pointed out in our ReFocused article, he often failed to execute the simple task of staying upright. Last year’s starter Amini Silatolu looks to be getting healthy and ready to retake his job, though that’s not necessarily a good thing as he was the Panthers’ worst-graded offensive lineman last year and graded at -6.2 in 89 preseason snaps.

That interior group, along with center Ryan Kalil, should have its hands full blocking Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus of the Bills, though both struggled against New England. Williams’ four QB disruptions (albeit in 44 rushing attempts) weren’t enough to overcome a penalty and a couple of negative plays in the run game, as he graded at -1.3. Likewise, Dareus rushed the passer pretty well, but was pushed around at the line of scrimmage in the run game — and put on his back a couple of times — as the Patriots rushed for an average of 6.5 YPC through the A- and B-gaps.

Williams should get back to form soon, as he’s been among the two or three best DTs in football over the past few seasons. Dareus, on the other hand, is a different story — he’s graded well as a rusher over his first two seasons, but hasn’t played well in run defense, a trend that continued into Week 1. He should get some pressure against the Panthers, but conversely the Panthers might try to take advantage of him in the run game, particularly when he’s aligned to the right side of the offense. Carolina had just one rushing attempt through the A-gap against Seattle, but look for them to attack that area, and particularly Dareus, more often this week."



 Thomas Maney


What he said about Chris Scott and Amini would be hilarious if it was a different team. Kind of terrifying if youre Cam Newton. I think Wharton will get better as time goes by and he gets back into shape. Nice stats on Byars and good to see him step up last week. Let's hope for a repeat performance.


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