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Game Grades - Panthers at Bills

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http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/09/15/4317161/reporter-card-carolina-panthers.html#.UjbG2jBBmRz Report card: Carolina Panthers vs. Buffalo Bills

C QUARTERBACK : The Panthers had Cam Newton throw more deep balls. And he hit a couple, including a 40-yard touchdown strike to Ted Ginn Jr. But Newton could never connect on any long passes to Steve Smith, and he threw an interception to end a scoring threat on the game’s first drive.

B RUNNING BACKS : DeAngelo Williams had another strong game, rushing for 85 yards on 22 carries. Williams also did a nice job helping out with pass protection. Fullback Mike Tolbert averaged 4.2 yards on six carries.

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rushing for 85 yards against a poor run defense is not a strong game.


How many times did Deangelo run right into a defender and fall down?

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First, the coaching.


Shula  F

The offense looked like there was no game plan at all.  DO NOT call the read option ever again, Cam cannot "read" it as he does not even look at the line or the D for the read.  What the heck is the 1st down, 2nd down, 3rd down long passes in a row.  No plan whatsoever.  There were very few sets that were not painful to watch.  There are few things this offense can do well and Shula himself hasn't figured out yet what they are.  Just a day of throwing stuff against the wall.


MD  C-

Having the D out there all day again is never a good thing, but this week there was no push up the middle whatsoever.  Manuel had too much time for a rookie.  Losing 3 DB starters on an already weak crew surely does not help or he would have gotten a D.


Rivera  F

He should foresee some of the issues and game plans are all ran through him.  He does not seem to inspire his team at all. Do not see a reason why he would be kept through the season.  That would be an admission that the organization has little desire to win.




Woeful.  Cam is a horrible decision maker.  He showed little touch, missed guys horribly all day, except for a couple series where he hit some guys, finally.  There are times when he should have just thrown it away.  Not playing smart at all.

OLine might as well have not game planned at all.  They opened few holes for the RB's and could not pass protect to save their lives.  They should give back yesterdays game check for charity or something.  Olsen played well, along with Smith.  Ginn showed some promise.  D Will ran hard, but most of the time had guys draped around his waist the second he got the ball.



Poor effort.  Game looked too fast for them today.  Monsters Inc. was cartoonish at best today.  Big name, little result. Beason is a shell of his former self.  Way behind every play and should be cut at years end.  Bad string of luck for the DB's where 3 of them go out in a matter of 5 minutes.  This and the fact that the O could not establish any time on the field put the D in another late game situation where they failed to stop the other team.




As I mentioned a few days ago, sacred cows are not what this team needs.  I would send Rivera packing today, promote Mc D as interim.  I guarantee the team could do no worse and it would send a message.

At years end, I would blow this offense up.  You have Smith and Gross who have a year or two left at best.  Kalil and Olsen can still play, but other than that, there would be nobody safe.  D Backs will need to be addressed also.  Gettleman will indeed need to earn his money at years end.  He said yesterday that the OLine would have to make the right calls and Cam would have to make the right reads, obviously he has to be hugely disappointed in both.


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I would just like to express my appreciation for Thomas Davis.  I'd say he's playing at a higher level than anyone on the team (Nortman and Gano are looking great as well).  Going through what he's been through to end up where he is today is nothing less than incredible.  One of the very few sources of pride I feel as a Panthers fan this season.

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