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best analysis of rivera's history of close losses

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    Rivera did What???

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 07:42 AM

Second Worst

Every other coach had us at least in the playoff hunt once so Rivera is THE worst.

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    shula is who i thought he was.

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 08:13 AM

 the risk RR took was far greater than the one he refused to take.


this simple statement perfectly encapsulates the entirety of ron rivera's tenure as head coach and will likely be written on his headstone at the end of his time  in charlotte.


I've been saying this over and over and over, yet people would still argue the rationale of him giving the other team the ball and trusting his defense to stop the other team and protect the score.


they say it's safe game management. i have contended since that first game in atlanta last year that it isn't safe, that it's a flawed strategy. i've been preaching and preaching that in today's NFL you CANNOT give the other team an opoortunity to score. you CANNOT trust your defense to hold another team back regardless of field position or time remaining on the clock if the score is close. it's a frikkin passing leagelue now and the rules are set up to protect it and make it easy to get huge chunks of yardage in a small amount of time. the only truly afe place for the ball to be in ANY situation is in the hands of your offense. i don't care how good you think your defense is, it's a flawed method of game management. screw trust in your defense. count on their failure and don't set them up for it by putting them in that situation.


what makes that even worse is knowing just how bad our secondary is, even moreso sunday when a weak secondary was beat up to the point you were considering playing LBs as safeties. it's stupid and it's inexcusable, esp. when you have cam frikkin newton on your team and are better than pretty much anyone at getting 1 yard on third and fourth down.


don't talk to me about having faith in your defense...esp. that sucky secondary that gets abused frequently....talk to me about having faith in your franchise QB and the tools at his disposal.


last year we underutilized a top notch RB corps. this year we underutilize our QB. worse than that, we put him in a box and brainwash him into believing that he needs to be in that box.


shame on the coaching staff of this team for putting our team in thise situations.


shame on this coaching staff for sending them out there undisciplined and unprepared for those situations, setting them up for failure by putting them in game plans that plays to their weakness rather than their strengths.


shame on river for blaming them for not not excuting a game plan that was as flawed as it was.


i tend to stay away from honking my own horn and i don't think that anyone should ever listen to me more than any other dummy on this board because i'm probably wrong more often than i am right and those moments that i am right is this blind squirrel finding a nut, but this poo has bothered me a lot.


we see it happen over and over and over, yet this team under rivera keeps doing it over and over. just because i'm not a football coach and never been a coach doesn't mean i can't see a bad strategy when it happens and can't spot abject failure. rivera might be a nice guy. the players might love him and have total faith in him, but none of that matters when you are 2-14 or whatever in games won or lost by 7 or less points and have an overall losing record.


rivera has no business managing a game in the NFL.

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 08:42 AM

I even left the game at the 2 minute warning and thought the Panthers had it in the bag.. got out to the parking lot and heard the crowd freak out....

BTW, how bad were you harassed for being in Panthers gear??

Suprisingly not too bad. When I was in the bathroom they were making some homosexual jokes reguarding cam. And on the way out I got heckled but it was all in good fun. We deserved whatever they said