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My Buffalo trip report

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My friends in the lower level had some people talking trash but my pal Hans was down there to keep things a bit cooler. We were with Kenny and Greg, everyone knew we were with them, so everyone was pretty cool. I think one time someone might have thrown something at me from above but ended up hitting a Bills fan three rows or so down, can't really be sure though.


This is what I don't understand. Why would someone do this? Heckling the opposing fan is something I partake in at Carolina games but throwing stuff, dropping F-bombs/GD-bombs, dumping beer on people, getting in fights....defending yourself is one thing but looking for trouble or trying to pick a fight over something like a sports game...I dunno man I grew out of that years ago. How would you feel if you threw a battery at someone during a game, missed, and hit some kid in the eye? 


Also, women cursing like sailors and using vulgar language is unattractive and quite frankly no sweet southern girls I know talk like that. They were raised much better. I think it's a northern thing. 

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That "moron" is a retired IBM software engineer and can afford to do what he wants, including traveling to over 300 consecutive home and away Bills games. He's a friendly, smart and dedicated individual. The folks there love him and he's been nothing but nice to everyone that I've seen meet him. You can rightfully call him eccentric but that's quite different from being a moron.

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