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Anyone else want to lose to the Giants?

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I want us to win. But I won't have my feelings hurt by a loss as I have crafted a set of armor made of "LOL"

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no. beat the giants and we can beat the cards with a regroup in the bye and we'll be 2-2


being an optimist fuging sucks sometimes

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I would rather slide nude down a barbed wire wrapped pole than lose to the Giants or any other team. This idea is fuging ridiculous. I experience great joy when I can walk out of BofA after a win. fug somebody else getting to experience my happy time.

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I have seen enough of RR. I can't stand him. Never takes accountability, always deflecting blame, repeats the same BS phrases week after week, always playing scared and not to lose.

I was a supporter and gave him the benefit of doubt for the longest but I just cant do it anymore. It is overly obvious he is not HC material. Wouldnt even be near as bad if the guy owned up and had a spine. Put everything together and it is down right repulsive.

Which brings me to the shameful thought of wanting to lose on Sunday to ensure RR is canned and we can start the process of looking for a new coach.

If Richardson doesnt do a complete 180 and deliver a homerun hire I will have lost all hope and faith in this franchise. No more being cheap, no more hiring defensive old school guys. We need a offensive / QB coaching genius. Plain and simple. Then hire a proven DC.

Sorry for this rant. Feeling hopeless and disgusted right now.

Your a great fan. I admire your dedication.

I'm disgusted aswell though. If you, a so called fan would root for your team to lose. Then you don't have your heart in the right place.

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