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M3OW's Blockbuster Predictions (Week 3)

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Going into Week 2, Panther Nation was going about it’s usual daily routine. Most of us felt the Buffalo Game was very winnable and possibly even a statement game (I know I did). Everything was perfectly normal... Then the fire fell from the sky in the last minutes of the game. The Huddle went into a frenzy... Is End is here!!! It’s Ronageddon!




Panther Nation was shaken up like the heavens opened up hell-fire on us.






The Huddle went into emergency mode trying to figure out an answer in this time of pure chaos.






With Panther Nation in shambles, the team is brought together to devise a game plan. They have 6 day to be prepared for the “Giant” barreling towards Bank of America Stadium on Sunday.






They know we have to take to the skies if we have a chance to survive.






Prediction: The Panthers will come out throwing the ball a lot more than rushes.


With Offense and Defense being less than perfect for the mission ahead, we go into this game know our chances aren’t good. The leader of this rag-tag group will be none other than the teams father-figure... Ron Rivera.





As soon as the game takes off, there is trouble. Our Defense get’s hit hard by the air attack and seemingly is dead on arrival.




Prediction: The Giants run the score up on us quick. By half time we will trail by 10+ points.


With only the Offense left to aid us, they go to work. Pounding it on the ground and passing dinks and dunks to drill every inch they can. Everything looks like the plan is working early as success seems probable.




Prediction: In the 2nd half, we will run a lot more and see a lot of short passes.


Then from out of nowhere, one of our veterans tries too hard and ends up losing the ball and it seems like all hope is lost.




Prediction: Yes... Deangelo fumbles AGAIN!


The whole team will be devastated on the sidelines and The Huddle will call in the order to destroy this team and it’s leader by the end of the game.




Panther Nation will begin to riot. Fans will begin to bunker down and prepare to wait for the draft. It truly looks like this Panther world in ending.




With the Offense on the bench looking devastated, from out of nowhere the Defense shows up with a spark of hope.




Prediction: The Defense will get a huge turnover late in the game that gives us a chance.


Now it’s looking like we have a chance to win this thing. Our Offense finds its second wins and we go for it all. Sadly, the “Giant” fights back and totally screws our game plan. It’s time for someone to take the lead and put their ass on the line. 




Cam steps up to the task and demands Ron to give him the ball. As the final minutes count down, Rivera pulls the plug on Cam by calling conservative plays. Crippling Newton and the offense.




Prediction: We come back but Rivera makes some bad calls and costs us the win.


With it all on Rivera now, his decisions cost him his life (job). 






The Huddle will rejoice...




And some players may mourn...




But with the “Giant” taking it’s victim in Rivera, the team escapes to live another week and the season is not over.




Panthers Lose

by 7 points or less...



The Rivera Era is over!

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is that Steve as Steve?


I was expecting a Smitty TD and an image of him riding the drill.


Yeah... The height seemed about right. 


Sadly, I don't see a Smitty TD this week.


It will be an Olsen Slant or a Tolbert Power Up The Middle.

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