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We should rename this the Debbie Downer board

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it's only because the team consistently lose. i've just gotten tired of it and i really feel sorry for you PSL owners  i mean you guys are the real losers in this deal because you are stuck in a position where you have to dump tons of money supporting a team that doesn't know what it's doing and only excels in losing and making excuses.


i used to be envious of psl owners, but i haven't been for several years. it's all pity now. i don't blame the sellouts who allow their tickets to fall into the hands of fans of other teams. the organization really hasn't done much to instill pride in the people that made that stadium possible. 


i am not a negative person, but this team sure has a way of pulling negativity out of me. i'm just worn out.


i'm ready for wins. i just don't see that happening any time soon. if this team just accepts losing and doesn't make any real changes i see a huge exodus of fans coming.

Trust me, paying for losing and watching other fans from other teams get into the same seats I sit in for 1/3 of the price is really disheartening.  The last time I was glad I had PSLs was during the regular season in 2008 when we went 8-0 at home.  Nevermind the playoff game......

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We have a chance to win.

We will beat some serious odds to get it done. But yes. It's "possible"

And nothing would make me happier if we do and cam plays like a HOFamer and serves me a huge plate of crow in the process.

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