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I'm taking down names. (A Cam Newton Thread)

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Of all the cowards who were out in full force last week but are now nowhere to be found. As if it wasn't apparent enough that you are a foolish wart on the anus of our fanbase, your cowardice and sudden disappearance is no surprise to any member of the Huddle that has posted here for any amount of time, and, I assure you, nobody here will forget that you went into hiding when you conveniently manage to pop in next time Cam has a less than stellar performance. Even more gold-worthy, is that a sizable portion of you chimed in in the Gameday thread after the INT, only to disappear for the rest of the day, so there will be no excuses next time. Maybe it's time to just find a new team with a more "conventional" QB for you, or, in carolinarolls's case, a white one- because Cam Newton is here and he's going to be for a long, long, long time.


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