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Carolina-Chuck's 2014 Mock Off-season

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carolina-chuck    2,761

Most have Henderson mocked in the 3rd.  If he still looking to go around there and Fuller's from VT stock jumps to the 2nd.  He also is being showed the 3rd mainly due to the super DEEP CB class.  After watching last night Tech's game,  just the thought of Ifo in the first tagged with Fuller on the other side with our front 7 made me drool.  


Gross i'd expect him to sign a one year contract and just go year to year.  Don't see him just pulling a Gamble, especially if we have the Potential to make a playoff run.


Were not going to get a top 10 WR so no point drafting one in 1st.  There is going to being some interesting WR prospects in FA that shouldn't break the bank

WR FA for 2014-Nicks, Britt, Boldin, Cruz, Maclin, Manningham, 


Cant really take what the internet says. All it is as of right now is just 'projections'. Henderson has 1st round talents and huge upside. If he can show improvements and consistency, he will draw a lot of attentions once the draft comes by. Guys rise and fall from now and the draft.


Would really like to grab Fuller.

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carolina-chuck    2,761

Deangleo is not getting cut. The restructure ensures he's here at least 1 more year if not a couple more.


Then cut Stewart. One of them has to go.

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monkey48    6

WR has to be the priority this year. Lafell cannot get open consistently, Smith is getting older and Ginn isn't an every-down receiver. If we can get Mike Evans in the 1st to give Cam a big outside target it would really help the passing game. I saw Daniel Jeremiah comparing him to CJ but I think that is going a little too far.

In the second we really need a new RG and RT. If we get Gabe Jackson in the 2nd then we will be in a much better situation. He is a huge space-eater who can not only dominate in the running game but is also a good pass protector. The fact that he is simply too big to play LG is the only thing hurting his draft stock. He's ridiculous!




1. Mike Evans, WR (Texas A+M)

2. Gabe Jackson, OG (Mississippi State)

3. De'Anthony Thomas, HB/WR (Oregon)

TRADE: Lafell plus 5th rounder for  2 4th rounders, 7th rounder and 2015 pick)

4. a) Mike Davis, WR (Texas)
    b) Je'Wuan James, OT (Tennessee)

    c) Deion Belue, CB (Alabama)

6. a) Jeff Matthews, QB (Cornell)

    b) (from NYG) Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB (Nebraska)

7. Terrance Bullitt, LB (Texas Tech)

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monkey48    6

QB: Matthews would replace Anderson, he's got loads of potential and would be much cheaper. 

HB stays the same, they're a good group and the cap issue isn't that drastic. (Stewart returns Smith out)

FB and TE also.

WR: Smith, Hixon and Ginn stay. Lafell gets traded for picks and McNutt gets put on practice squad. Bring in Mike Evans, Mike Davis and De'Anthony Thomas through the draft

OL: Gross will stay for 1 more year, Silatolu and Kalil also start. Bring Gabe Jackson and Je'Wuan James in through the draft. Cut Bell, Wharton, Folkerts and 1 of Scott Williams and Kugbila (probably Scott). Keep Campbell, Byers, Chandler and two of the aforementioned.

DL: keep the same, maybe Horton and Fua go to make space.

LB: Williams goes to Practice Squad, Terrnace Bullitt comes in through the draft to give us some competition at OLB.

CB: Florence, Dockery and Thomas go (he has looked bad in coverage). Keep Munnerlyn, Norman or White and Moore. Bring in Belue and Baptiste through the draft.

S: Godfrey, Lester, Mitchell and Jones stay

Specialist all remain.

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