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How do you feel about the Panthers playing in merry old England?

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Let's just have the Pro Bowl over there or something.  Maybe they could be fooled into thinking they were watching quality entertainment.


This I like.  You are a man of vision Pro....and have unscrupulous plan to make money. 


Depending upon your current age, you will probably go far. 







Be fruitful and multiply.

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1st of all calling London / Brits "tossers" is ironic, but regardless I agree. Their teeth are bad and they are strange.

I also think this was a drunk post. Nice Mexico addition at the end. ( Whole different discussion.)

Losing a home game to London would suck. To anyone who is worried about psls is not thinking. JR would be the angriest about this. He old only be able to sell 9 home games in BOA. Psls aren't world wide, they are BOA and seat specific. This isn't transferable. We can't go to Wembley, or Clemson or wherever and think our seats slide over.

London is a cool city. It actually is a direct flight from clt but it isn't worth losing a home game over.

Oh btw London can sell 60-80k seats to every home nfl game 10+ times a year. (Granted a ton of fans are transplant Americans or traveling Americans). London will never "sell" an nfl team to locals. This immediately makes London a better market than 3-4 current nfl squads.

I lived there for 4 years and went to 2 nfl games in Wembley. But if it makes y'all feel better a lot of them like Carolina's colors....

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I think it would be cool.


Yes it would suck to give up a home game although I'm sure JR wouldn't do it if it interrupted his profit stream too much.  He's big in the owners group so they probably worked it out so it doesn't hurt the owner, but the fans still have to pay full price for the PSL and home game tickets.  THe owner probably gets a big chunk of the international broadcast.


If traveling across great distances wasn't so taxing on the body, there would be a World Football League.  Could you imagine an NFL caliber team in the world's greatest cities?  How amazing would it be for there to be teams in London, Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Berlin...etc.


I imagine it would look somewhat like the international soccer scene.  That is still mostly regional, but there are a number of international events such as the World Cup that really are global cultural events.


Goodell must...MUST...be thinking along these lines.  How much sense does it make to just keep forcing teams to travel to international cities, disrupt their internal clocks and conditioning, take away a home game, etc...indefinitely?  There has to be a bigger picture and it has to be the WFL.


High speed rail could get a team from Toronto to Buenos Aires in like 6 hours.  LA to NY in 1 hour.  Maybe within the next 30 years this could become a reality.


Hell...they're holding the World Cup in Qatar in 2022...in the fugging desert, in the fugging summer.  THe stadiums will be open air and they say they have the technology to cool the inside of the stadium in 110 degree weather.  If they can do that...they can put a team in London and Mexico City.

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Road Trip (or air trip I mean). While all you humps are sitting on your couch complaining, I'd be visiting one of the greatest cities in the world, teaching them how to tailgate and cheer for the Panthers

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Whats up with all the name calling?


Considering how this board looked like after the Bills game, name and country on your pass port should not have anything to do with you being a real fan of the Panthers or the NFL as a whole.


I live in Denmark, I cant count the numbers of times I have been sitting up in the middle of the night watching draft, games or hitting the F5 on Zod or Kurbs twitter account in TC getting all the news of my team. I have been to 3 live Panthers games ( two in Charlotte and one in Kansas ). Going from Europe to the States to whatch a fuging game is no small thing and it cost a farm, but I love it and will soon be going again.


BTW. The game in London do not only attract people from London or GB, but people from all over Europe and if The Panthers would to play a game there, atleast it will be sold out for a change and the fans will be loud and standing up.


But I would much rather go see a Panthers game in Charlotte than London. And the thought about a NFL team in London or any place in Europe is just damn stupid. I would rather the NFL would try to make a European league again.

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i would be fine with it if it didn't count as a home game.


i don't have a problem with them expanding the market globally. it's the best sport in the world. 


i think it would also be a good experience for the players. 


crap, might even gain some more fans along the way. 


can any of the overseas guys say anything about panthers popularity in other countries?

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