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Could this be the year?

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It's early, for sure. Way too early to make any real assessment of this team. However, let's look at what we've seen these first two games.

- An improved PK. This is probably my favorite thing with these new Canes (besides the uniforms. I love those as well). I am reminded of our teams from 06-09 when I see this team on the PK. PP still needs a bit of work, but that will come. Defense is what you need to win early, and we're playing great defense in short-handed situations right now. High intensity, hard skating, and results abound.



- Another goalie battle? Seems that way. Khudobin looked solid against Philly. Cam looked pretty good against Detroit. Had we just played better defense in front of Cam, we start the year 2-0. Who gets the majority of the starts? Probably Cam, but time will tell. And what happens if Khudobin continues to allow fewer goals than Cam?



- Our uniforms look cool. No, seriously, I really want a red one. A red Staalsy jersey will be my first Canes jersey, and this makes me happy.



- We look like we're more focused on puck movement so far. A lot less freestyling, a lot more design in how we enter the zone. A lot less instances where we have 3 men within 5 feet of each other while skating the puck in. This change is something I've screamed about the past 2 years, and the change is resulting in scoring opportunities and wide open looks. We need to get better about collecting rebounds and throwing them back at the net, but again, that is something that will come as these guys get used to each other and know what to expect.



- Despite the injuries, we still look great.



We look good. Now, the question is...will we keep it up and improve as the season plays out or will we struggle to grow with the other teams in the division and miss the playoffs yet again? We have, IMO, the toughest overall division in the East, if not the NHL Can't wait to see how this season plays itself out.


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I thought Detroit dominated us, and was the clearly superior team.  We spent the vast majority of the game in our defensive zone, and had trouble retaining control as we crossed the blue line.  Detroit showed much better puck control.  We did score twice, but that was due to one flukey opportunity and one PPG.  We were vastly outshot most of the game, and didn't seem to generate much offense at full strength.  Then, as things were winding down, I don't think we had a shot for the last 4-5min.  I wasn't able to watch today's game, but don't think we can go very far if we don't have better passing and puck control.


Agreed that special teams are looking much better, and that's a very good thing.  We have plenty of talent, and should be good enough for a run at the playoffs.

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Just a few things...

- I'm looking forward to Ruutu getting healthy. I think a line of Gerbe - J. Staal - Ruutu will be a solid one due to Gerbe and Ruutu being high energy guys.

- With 8 decent defenseman, I wonder if the Canes try to move one out for some winger help. Gleason seems like he would get a decent return but he has a NTC. As of right now our defense looks really solid, they only allowed 18 total shots on Dobby last night.

- Radek Dvorak... there's not much more you can say, what a great signing.

- Keep an eye on Charlotte's Manny Malhotra. Malhotra has been a career NHL'er and if not for his gruesome eye injury while playing with Vancouver, he would still be in the NHL. If the Canes decide to try Lindholm at wing (or he gets sent back to Brynas) or if they send Riley Nash down; Malhotra might get a real shot at making it back to the NHL.

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