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Game Grades - Panthers at Vikings

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If Shula lets Cam throw the deep ball and run some keepers then we'll win. Those are Cam's strong suites. use'em.

Yah no. The reason he put up great numbers this weekend was the check down option. The line doesn't give him time to throw deep. But the short dump offs open up the deep ball. 

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When we limit those pesky shoot ourselves in the foot moments, this Offense is really pretty good. I have been really impressed with how relentless we are on O. We may make too many mistakes at key moments. But when we play clean good football, we have a scary Offense.

We limit the WTF? moments on Offense, teamed with this Defense, we can compete with anybody. Right?

Let Cam be Cam and we usually play well. It is when we divert from that path that we seem to struggle. Stay aggressive, and let Cam lead the way. Sounds easy enough.

Let's be honest, or try anywho, no team stopped our O. We have moved the ball on every one of them. Until we goof up and stop ourselves. It's not just the goofs, it's when they happen.

9 play, 5 1/2 min., 59 yard drive, started from the 18. 1st and 10 at the 23. Down 4 points, mid 3rd quarter, momentum on our side. INT. Poof goes the balloon. Just 1 example from a far too big pool of plays than make you say WTF?.

3rd down, hellz, 4th down, drops. Drops in the End Zone. INTs, fumbles, penalties, sacks, they all rear there ugly heads at the worst possible moment. Drive killers, and point takers kind of plays. Happens way too often to be mere happenstance. It needs to be stopped. And I mean soon, as in ASAP. We still have an outside chance at having a fun year. Leave those goofy, dumb, and WTF? moments in the dust, and we be good.

Sorry, got carried away again. I am absolutely giddy over the progress this O has made. Cuz this team is going only as far as this O takes us. That can be sky high, which is what we all expect,............. or a low down dirty shame.

IMO, our O has been great all year. The more we win, the more you learn to win. Once you learn how to win, those WTF? moments are few and far between.

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i for one am incredibly excited about mitchell/mikell at safety. these two could be long-term answers for a problem that's plagued us since chris harris stopped being able to cover anything other than potted plants

I've got to admit, I never saw this one coming. Well, maybe a little back in the day, but that's neither here nor there. Kind of strange thinking our Safety position is in good hands.

IMO, I do believe we saw more blitzes last week because Rivera trusted his Ss. We were being aggressive in a proactive way. Can't wait to see what Rivera dials up with this D.

But yeah, nice to have 1 less position to worry about. These two guys can lead our Secondary for a long time to come.

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