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Panthers 5 1/2 pt favorites over the Rams according to Vegas.

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I agree with this. Nothing about the Rams really scares me. 31st in rushing yards, 30th ranked D against the run, 20th ranked D against the pass and 22nd ranked offense. I couldnt even tell you the name of their RB, Tavon Austin has looked suspect and their WR core doesnt really strike fear.

They got blown out by the Falcons and the Jags played them close and hung 20 pts on them. Yes they are 3-3 and we have no reason to be overly confident but I feel good about this one. They are a indoor home team playing us outdoors in their 2nd consecutive road game.

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Growl    7,708

Across the board we're much more talented (our NFL team performance rankings decimate theirs as well) but I think they matchup well against us. It'll take Ron putting up a good coaching effort. It is a game we should win, and if we do, we have a primetime game in front of us to finally put a winning record on the board.

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Sam Mills Fan    4,501

With a team as inconsistent as the Panthers, game prognostication is pretty much pointless. We all know we could beat them by 4 touchdowns or could lose a close game. If there's some way you can think of to know for sure which one of those Panthers teams is likely to show up on Sunday, feel free to explain.

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Hello all....just a Rams fan here looking forward to a great week of smack talk, debate, etc. and know I am not here to "troll" or anything. Cam is going to be a pain this week and I am really hoping our line can step up like it did this past weekend. Vegas also had Houston as 9 point favorite so we will see, all I know is it is going to be a great game and I am curious to see if o-line can shut down the panthers front 7 like we did with houston......J.J. Watt had zero tackles and 1 QB hurry......The rushign stat is a tad off being that stacy just got the starting bid 2 weeks ago and before our running game may have been the worst I have ever seen in the NFL. Also when you look at Austin's numbers through the first few games he is on par with many of the superstars in the NFL today. It is rare to see a breakout WR rookie, but to compare the stats, here are a few numbers (Also do not forget he should have nearly 300+ return yards from punts if not for penalties away from the ball each time. 


here is a comparison of Tavon's first 5 games to other small, fast WRs:


DeSean Jackson------------23---------------315----------1
Percy Harvin----------------18---------------233----------2
Randall Cobb----------------9----------------174----------1
Tavon Austin---------------23----------------156----------2
Dexter McCluster----------10----------------106----------1
Steve Smith-----------------2-----------------27----------0



2013 draft Rec Yds TD

Tavon Austin 23 156 2
DeAndre Hopkins 22 293 1
C. Patterson 6 82 0

2012 draft Rec Yds TD
Justin Blackmon 64 865 5
Michael Floyd 45 562 2
Kendall Wright 64 626 4
A.J. Jenkins 0 0 0

2011 draft Rec Yds TD
A.J. Green 65 1,057 7
Julio Jones 54 959 8
Jon Baldwin 21 254 1

2010 draft Rec Yds TD
Demaryius Thomas 22 283 2
Dez Bryant 45 561 6

2009 draft Rec Yds TD
D. Heyward-Bey 9 124 1
Michael Crabtree 48 625 2
Jeremy Maclin 56 773 4
Percy Harvin 60 790 6
Hakeem Nicks 47 790 6
Kenny Britt 42 701 3

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csx    6,940

Obligatory comment regarding how the spread is set to even the money and not predict the game.

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