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Panthers Cheerleader Laura on NFL Network today...

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Dang! I thought I was the oldest guy on here.

Panther is definitely older than pantha

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Got an excited text message this morning. NFL Network is doing a "Behind the Pom Poms " special for each team and my good buddy Laura got the call to represent the Panthers Topcats. Laura is a really great gal and a CMS school teacher to boot. The Panthers are lucky to have her.

Make sure you tune in to the NFL Network at 7:45 this morning she will be on live. They will be checking in with her throughout the day as well.



Click here to view the article

You are married correct? How in the fug do you get away with all these women texting you? I understand professionalism and client relationships, but this is truly some magic trick you are pulling off. Props.

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Back in 67' when I was in 7th grade we had a teacher like that right in the middle of the heydays of mini skirts..............she was our English teacher and lucky me my homeroom teacher too.


No male and I mean no male paid attention in class.......she would have us sit in a semi circle and frequency she would sit in one of our desks right in front of us with those mini skirts.


Good Lawd have mercy.


I don't remember much from my Junior HS days except once when a buddy was chasing me down the hallway during lunch hour she was a hall monitor and saw me coming................I was attempting to jook past here when she stood her ground and stopped me with a bear hug.


The highlight of my life as a preteen years.


I didn't get my "hot teacher" till high school.  Her name was Ms. O'Neal, the anatomy teacher :lol:


(we studied very hard in her class)

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Panther is definitely older than pantha


Yeah when I was growing up the skirts where hiking way past the knees...........women were getting rid of bras..............and growing their hair done to their lower backs.........


Whew what a time to be 14 yrs old.


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Laura was a member of the dance team at Charlotte basketball games when I was in college. Her nickname over on the niners message board is Alpha Duster (the dance team was called the Gold Dusters).

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Saw her up at Midnight Diner a few weeks ago... looked like she'd been to a Tramp party or something... she was dressed as a bum, yet still astoundingly beautiful.  she was with a few other hotties, but they paled in comparison really.


kind of a funny story cos i'd seen her for the first time on Panthers.com earlier that day and sent a link to my buddy saying something to the effect, "holy poo, we actually have a smoking hot cheerleader..."  aaaaand then i see her out that night, and i'm like, "holy, poo...is that the same girl?!"


and no i didn't approach her...  i know my ceiling, and that poo is nowhere near her stratosphere.

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