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Cam throwing on the run...

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yea i've never seen anything like that before in my life. i'm guessing you were at that game though so that must have been insane to see.


I was sitting in the endzone behind Wilson when he threw that and the second it left his hand I was certain it would be intercepted. Still not 100% sure he didn't just close his eyes and fling it.

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I noticed last week when Cam escaped pressure and got outside the pocket he made a throw downfield that was no where close to it's intended target.  I also remember during the preseason he rolled out and threw down field to an open Smith and damn near threw a pick over Smith's head.  It got me thinking, is throwing on the run just not a strength of Cam's?


You would think the Panthers would try to utilize bootlegs and movement to help negate the poor blocking at times as well as slowing down the rush.  But we rarely do this.  I know Cam has made great passes on the run at times but I just don't think it's his forte.  Watching Wilson tonight made me realize how ineffective Cam is at making these throws.  Other QB's who are good at this include Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben, and Steve Young was probably one of the best, it just adds a different dynamic to their games.


So to review, not bashing Cam, just wondering if anyone else noticed this and if you had clips from games that could disprove it and make me feel differently.


I've noticed that Cam's throws down field often miss the mark.

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