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article about teams looking at Melo after this year.



Charlotte Bobcats

Charlotte’s signing of Al Jefferson was a statement of purpose, and in time, his performance as an offensive anchor could help inch the Bobcats toward respectability. Yet for the moment, this roster is too lacking — and its recent misery too fresh — to market itself as an appealing landing spot for Anthony. That won’t likely the deter Charlotte from at least exploring the possibility; the Bobcats would need to clear a bit more cap room (possibly by trading either Gerald Henderson or Bismack Biyombo) to make Melo a true max offer, but salary-wise Charlotte is flexible enough to entertain the option.

MANNIX: Team-by-team previews for 2013-14 season

On basketball terms, Anthony would be a miserable fit with Jefferson and, at 30, would be far older than the bulk of the Bobcats’ core. But a star like Anthony has to entice a franchise that has thus far gone without much individual player appeal. The best in Bobcats franchise history — Gerald Wallace and Emeka Okafor — were purveyors of grind, not glamour. To sign Anthony would help to shift that precedent, though at the cost of various on-court concerns. This is all a moot point considering that Anthony is incredibly unlikely to leave New York for Charlotte, the Knicks for the then-Hornets, and a steady playoff team for a postseason hopeful. But with the Bobcats aiming a bit higher and willing to spend to get there, a possible pursuit of Anthony is on the table — even if that interest isn’t reciprocated.





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Not a fan of Melo. I think we'd only be a top 3 team in the East with an addition of Melo. I wanna win a Championship, not be above average. Sure as hell would sell tickets though.

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    • lol like funchess needs to worry about celebrating
    • Ross for me. Davis is good, but the same way Ross' previous injuries give people pause, so should Davis' competition. You can only play who's on your schedule, but Davis played against inferior talent and, for the most part, got shutdown against good schools (Wisconsin, OSU). He did dominate the other schools so I'm not saying he won't be a good pro. I just think this T.O. talk and saying he's going to beast out could be premature.  Davis last game he was shut down by Wisconsin and then, due to injury, hasn't run at the combine or his pro day. For me, that's a little risky too at #8.  I wouldn't take Ross at 8, but what we need based off of our roster is a player of Ross' abilities and strengths, IMO. I wouldn't be mad with Davis, but I prefer Ross and would not want either at #8.
    • In kindergarten we had weekly job theme where you could play pretend and be a worker or a customer. One week they had a salon type deal going on. My parents never instilled any sort of gender identity within me, so I went and got my hair did. I didn't know I was a boy and wasn't supposed to do that. The girls didn't think it was weird either.. Never turned gay or tranny.     My hair looked fuging luxurious too, btw.