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Jon Beason "I Want To Retire A Giant"

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#1 chknwing


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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:18 AM

"This is where I want to be," Beason said. "Next year will be eight years for me and they say you are getting up there in age. I want to retire a Giant."


Beason is in Beast mode in NY. Leading the team in tackles past 2 weeks and has gained the attention and respect of his coaches and team mates


Happy for the guy, but at the same time I always envisioned him retiring a Panther, even if he did go play for another team.

#2 SgtJoo


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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:19 AM

I think this is more of a "Please sign me after my contract is up after this year."

#3 CRA


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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:20 AM

I think he wants to finish his career there and not be a scrub jumping team to team

#4 h0llywood



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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:20 AM

He's saying the right words regardless of what us fans think. He can never come back here and play MLB so he knows that his best chance to be one long term is with NYG. I hope he gets that chance to finish his career in New York.

#5 RoaringRiot



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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:20 AM

PR move for him. Let's stop worrying about what he's doing. I'm sorry his words are hurting some of your feelings, but let's focus on us.

#6 panthers55


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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:21 AM

I remember when he held out when we drafted him.  I always got the notion that he wasn't wedded to the Panthers despite what he said over the years.  We stuck with him for years of non-production and paid him tens of millions for nothing. And this is what we get???

#7 ctrcat



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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:21 AM

Good luck Beast. Still a fan.

#8 French Navy

French Navy


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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:24 AM

From lurking on the Giants forum, many NY fans legitimately believe that Beason is gone after this season and won't be re-signed. It's like the opposite of the Hurney effect.


Why? I have no idea, he's the best LB on their team and one of few defensive leaders. I think he's sort of addressing this by letting everyone know he's not just looking to play and get a deal somewhere else.


We think Panther fans have it bad.

#9 PhillyB


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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:26 AM

he'd say that about any team he got traded to, given his situation. that's what you're supposed to say.

#10 KSpan



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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:27 AM

What's he supposed to say?  "Glad to be getting a paycheck right now and getting back playing the position I love, but I'm looking forward to testing the waters come March." 

#11 hepcat



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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:30 AM

It's a good situation for him.  He walked onto a team that needed a defensive leader.  He knew his time was up in Carolina when they drafted Kuechly and he became a star.  Beason's a solid dude who deserves this.  I hope he does finish his career there and makes that defense respectable...in every game they don't play the Panthers.

#12 KendrickPanther



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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:32 AM

He might be racking up tackles but he's not looked great. He gives up a ton of yards. From a medical standpoint he will never command a nice contract again. I'm sure he would love a new deal.