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Carl Spackler

I was at the game last night. Here are my thoughts

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Carl Spackler    3,442

First of all, I've been to at least one Bobcats game every season they've played except '06, '07, '08 and '11. I've always seen them win the first game I attend every year but never win again after that. Examples: Saw them come back from 17 down to beat the Thunder on St. Patrick's Day 2010, but they lost in the home playoff game vs. Orlando when I was there.




Kemba looked pretty good. He still looked for his shot a bit more than I'd say is ideal, even though he's my favorite player by far. But he's improved his court vision and is becoming a solid distributor. He only had 5 assists, but what was very encouraging was his ability to facilitate successful possessions even if they didn't end with him scoring or getting the dime.


Zeller got off to a hot start. Then, I said "I like his game," and he fell off for two quarters before looking good again. He's got the ability to be a successful scorer in this league. He needs to get bigger and he needs to make free throws (so do all his teammates), but the potential is there.


I am not a fan of Biyombo, but he made some nice plays and got a couple clutch rebounds.


Henderson had his best game of the preseason. Hit a big three late in the 4th. 


Sessions hates to pass the basketball. He can get to the line, though.


Jeff Taylor was the best player on the court for much of the game, and that includes when Kemba and Kyrie were on the floor. He's a pure shooter, but he's also a really good playmaker. Right now he's better than MKG, who looked fine before tweaking his hamstring.


There were not a lot of fans there. But those who were, seemed to have a good time. The best one was the dude in a Larry Johnson Hornets t-shirt near me in section 114 who, as Sessions was shooting a free throw, said "Remember to have fun! Let's see those smiles! And WIN!"


And, they did. Feels good. Panthers are 4-3 in NFL regular season and Bobcats are 4-3 in NBA preseason.

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chubs2496    280

Yeah I go to atleast one game a season. That being said. I'm actually very excited about this year and what awaits. I feel pretty much the same way u do about a lot.

Jeff Taylor should take over the sf spot either now or later. Atleast until MKG takes off. He just dosent have a shot. And that's easy to defend.

I realize u can't just bench him. U might as well trade him then. Bc that will kill his confidence and maybe even want him to get out of town. But Jeff Taylor is showing he can shoot and we need athletic shooters. I honestly think JT can be our go to guy a couple years from now. By far my favorite player.

But anyways it's good to know that we have shed all the fat off our roster and there's either solid players with alit of potential or proven players who are good. It's great

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Manos    569

If we are getting rid of someone it would be Hendo. If Taylor is the real deal you just start him and MKG both, you use MKG as a defense specialist 2g.

Offensive game or not you keep MKG he is going to be the best perimeter defender in the NBA for the next decade or so and you don't let that go. Also MKG is only 19? he has so much upside you have to let him play and get better. He is also insanely athletic, a great team guy and a hard worker. I don't understand why so many people seemingly want to dump him off. I mean he doesn't have a jump shot, but he has EVERYTHING else.

Anyway mini rant over, go Hornets!

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Jeff Taylor needs to be the starting SG. Hendo has been bad and can't shoot. Teams are going to be able to double team Al down low and not have to worry about him passing out to a shooter. Taylor is a better SG than he is a SF and MKG is a MUCH better SF than he is SG. Taylor + MKG gives you great wing defense as well as a shooter + slasher.

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I was intrigued with the Jeff Taylor pick last year.  His shooting and athleticism made me think he'd be a surprise stand out on the team last year.  He showed flashes, but lack of confidence seemed to get the best of him.  This year he seems a lot more confident.  I'd like to see the coaching staff take a really good look at him this year.  Increase his minutes and feature him a bit on offense.  I think he can develop into a great player. All the tools are there, just needs the opportunity. 

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