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Washington vs Denver

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Redskin fans are getting quite nervous. Check out some of their forums. Half the fan base is accepting that RG3 isn't a pocket passer. He needs his legs in order to be a successful QB and judging by his sophomore season that's a logical observation. RG3 has trouble making simple throws in the pocket. Nothing has changed from 2012 really. His stats last year were simply inflated because of the bubble screens and underneath routes. 


True, and some of them are hoping/comparing him to Cam's sophomore season, wishing he'll bounce back the second half like Cam did. Maybe??


However,  what they don't say/know is: Defenses didn't really figure Cam out, as it was Chud tinkering with a good thing, and taking away more of the pro sets that Newton thrived in. Chud and Rivera admitted to doing this before the season even started in 2012, then went back to what worked during his rookie season. 


That's the other problem for RG3. Cam actually performed better as a QB in pro-sets than he didn't with all that movement and heavy emphasis on Read Option as a passer the way RG3 does. That was proven his rookie season; the second half of last year, as it is now. Cam also doesn't need a heavy emphasis on the run (though he could benefit from it as any young QB), or trickery, as RG3 does to be a competent passer.


It'll be interesting to see how his second half pans out?? Just spy him. Don't go for the fakes, and play your regular defense. Presto!! RGKnee!! 

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