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First game ever with the whole fam damily this weekend...

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Gave up my 2 section 132 tickets for 3 in section 550.  For the first time ever, me, the wife and the son will attend a game together.  Any Huddler's in that particular section?  I will be in row 16.



I will not sit down for you.  My wife might, my son will do as I do as he is 12.



Section 550 rise up!



Section 550, reveal yourselves.

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    • the league will transition back to a running game...   better be ahead of the game with generational talent than chasing the trend like very other retard .500 team  
    • thats cool.. but it doesnt play towards our combo...   we may have cam, olsen, and KB and Howard...           but we will miss out on that deadly, WR, QB, RB combo...   not the Ok Combo... not the decent combo..    the Beast AF combo, never seen before in the league