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Panthers-Falcons Huddle Tailgate Revival

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Hello all you wonderful Panther fans!

After the saddening news there wouldnt be a sponsored Huddle tailgate setup this year, We have tailgated a few times so far this year with some spotty heres and theres for each game..

WELL THAT all changes this Sunday my friends,

Why do we do this, you may inquire?

A few reasons.

1. There are many fellow Huddlers coming into town this weekend and I very much want to get everyone together again

2. Who doesnt want to see MadHatter projectile vomit?

3. We all should get together and cleebrate the fact that we hate all Falcons fans and they look pretty shitty lately, right on time for us to take advantage with the momentum we have going

4. Its getting closer to Christmas, we could scrounge up some donations for last minute bikes possibly

Heres what we know so far:

We will be in the parking lot to the left of Valhalla and Hooligans (to the right of Rite Aid if you are facing from Tryon St

JT will have his blue Panthers truck

I believe they ill be out in the lot somewhat early, possibly around 830 or so?

We do not charge $$ for our tailgates and this will be a total volunteer game, meaning everyone is bringing something. Please bring a few dollars to donate if you plan on eating. ALL donations will go towards Toys for Tots.....Ill let the normal tg guys decide where that goes

So far we have a grill, some tables, I can make a dessert, I believe a few guys have said they will bring some burgers and hotdogs, BMorgan said he would bring some slaw/toppings for hotdogs.

Please come out and introduce yourself if you are coming into town for the game or will be downtown! Maybe we can get the Carolina Huddle banner....if anyone knows where that is?

Hopefully we can somewhat put this tailgate back together for the ATL game! Ive missed seeing you guys so far this year

Anyone have Skews info?

Please add info on anything I have forgotten, Im used to mush or Zod doing these threads

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Thanks to Boo, JR, and Brad for getting this going.

I have been without a good tailgate all season. So, I am ready to tile one on.....projectiles will be locked and loaded.

Time to get this party started

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I'll send a note to Skew

It is just a get together until Skew arrives.....then it IS a party.

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Will you be doing this for MNF as well? It will be my first BoA game and I'd like to meet everyone!

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Just be in your damn seats prior to kickoff.

That us assuming I can find my seats....you have not seen me tailgate yet. It can get ugly.

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