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So, next week we face the 49ers at their place, after their bye week...

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But, per some information I pulled up:

San Fran is 4-6-1 since 2005 following their bye week.


The last 2 seasons, they faced the Browns at home and won, and then the Rams at home and tied.


They were led into their bye week playing the Cardinals, Titans and Jaguars.  (1 Div. rival, a 4-4 team and then a win-less team)

Looks like they got Manningham back and replaced Nnamdi with Eric Wright going into our game this coming weekend.


Not that these stats matter much, but here are a few things to note:


  • The Panthers lead the all-time series between these 2 teams, 10-7. (they have won the last 3 meetings against the 49ers, but, the last time they played against each other was 2010.)
  • The 49ers have the leagues best rushing offense, going against the leagues 2nd best rushing defense in the Panthers.
  • The Panthers have the 8th best rushing offense against the 12th ranked rushing defense in the 49ers.
  • Circumstances as they are, the 49ers have played 2 top 10 RB's so far this season and gave 98 yards to each of them. Marshawn Lynch - 2 Rushing TD's and a rec. TD. and Arian Foster - no TD's.
  • The Panthers have played 2 of the top 5 RB's in the league thus far this season, and gave up 43 yards (Marshawn Lynch) and 62 yards (Adrian Peterson) and didn't give up a TD to either of them on the ground or in the air.
  • The 49ers are the 32nd ranked passing offense in the league. Kaepernick's stats this season are:
    9 TD's, 5 INT's, 198 Ypg Avg., He's been sacked 15 times, and the only week he wasn't sacked was last week against the Jags
  • The Panthers are the 25th ranked passing offense in the league. Cam's stats this season are:
    13 TD's (passing) 7 INT's, 225.1 Ypg Avg., He's been sacked 22 times, and he's had 5 games out of the 8 games played where he's been sacked only once.


This game as we all know will be a big game for the Panthers and their fans. If they can go on the road, to the west coast, in a pretty hostile stadium, playing one of the better teams in the league, and pull out a win... buckle your seat belts, because the bandwagon will be open for business.

It'll be a close game I think.  Possibly low scoring as both teams match up well against the others strength and weaknesses.

If Cam and company can get in a groove early, and maybe have a lil inside info from Ginn as well as maybe some from Mikell... You never know.

Keep Pounding!

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Good info about the matchup...of course sometimes stats, records, etc. go out the window when the teams actually take the field...


was going to make a thread about this but thought to just put this info in this thread...


teams coming off a Bye week are 8-8 in the NFL this season.  That basically means that there is no distinct statistical advantage to the bye week in terms of having a chance to win the next game.  We lost coming off our bye and beat Minnesota coming off theirs.  


Because of the new CBA rules about how teams have to have 4 days off during the bye, this causes teams to lose focus, conditioning, and momentum.  All in all, I suppose it is better for the players to recover physically etc and I know they are expected to come in and study film.


Conventional wisdom says that teams should have an advantage coming off a bye because they have had 2 weeks to prepare for the next team.  In reality, it doesn't seem to work out that way.  When a team has too much time to prepare, they may over think, second guess, and/or burn out the players with lengthy film sessions.


All in all, the fact that SF had a bye last week really doesn't concern me.  And the matchup looks pretty even.  The only real advantage I see is that SF is at home and we have to travel through 3 time zones.  We actually do play pretty well on the road, so I still think the game is winnable considering all of that.


This could definitely be a low scoring game as both teams will try to run the ball and stop the run.  That will be the focus of this game.  I personally don't expect to win, but I def. wouldn't be surprised if we did.

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Also remember Minnesota won in London and was coming off their bye at home full of confidence before that game too. Not worried about that aspect.

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I expect to win and will be very disappointed if we don't.  Then again I expect to win every week.  I know we won't always win but it doesn't keep me from expecting it on a week to week basis.

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