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Why Rivera Changed After Buffalo

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We need to give Ron Rivera credit for accepting the fact.he doesn't think he's too smart to learn and grow as a head coach. He doesn't have an ego that prevents him from seeking out the advice of others in helping to shape his philosophy.  Rivera picking the brain of Madden,Cowers and other football minds in the off season was futher proof of this.

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same thing happened to me this morning on the way to work..... I had to poop.

Was that the cause of the back up on 176 this morning?


Ron put faith in the defense to stop a rookie QB with no timeouts and a TD behind. I would've too. Still can't figure out how they marched on our defense that way. I really can't blame him for the FG.

The secondary was depleted. He was counting on back-ups of back-ups to stop someone who was having a decent day.


quick someone PM akpantherfan and tell him to make this into a banner

I was going to make that joke, dick. 

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This was the WORST game ive ever been to. The bills had no reason to win that game, fans were leaving during that field goal drive. Im an out of state fan and ive been to more away panthers games than home games(baltimore, atlanta, new york, san diego) and never seen everyone in the stadium give up like that. When they scored that final touchdown, im suprised my jaw didnt crack the floor underneath me. What a bad turn of events.

But in retrospect, thank god that RR stopped that conservative mentality week two, because this season could eqsily be flipped around.

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