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Sean Singletary Summer League Stats

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Sean Singletary is currently a free agent. However he will remain on the Bobcats roster until another team signs him (which is not likely to happen) or until the end of free agency. Right now he is playing in the Vegas Summer League with the Detroit Pistons, where he is trying to turn heads and game some confidence. In his first game with the Pistons he played eighteen minutes and started at point guard in the Pistons 86-77 win over the Kings. The Pistons are currently 1-0 in summer league play.

In Singletary's second performance he looked slightly more impressive in the Pistons 91-87 win over the Toronto Raptors. The Pistons are currently 2-0 in summer league play.

In Singletary's third game he had a wide variety of stats in almost every single category. Even though the Piston got man-handled by the Warriors 97-69 Singletary looks better and better every day. The Piston currently sit 2-1 in summer league play.

In Sean Singletary's fourth game he was spectacular. It was Sean's best game since playing at Virginia and dominating the court in Charlottesville. The Pistons destroyed the Knicks 96-73and currently sit 3-1 in summer league play.

The Pistons finished 4-1 in Summer League Play.

Sean Singletary Stat Line

Game 1- 2 RB/ 3 A/ 4 PF/ 1 ST/ 2 TO/ 6 PTS.

Game 2- 1 RB/ 4 A/ 2 PF/ 2 TO/ 7 PTS.

Game 3- 4 RB/ 2 A/ 1 PF/ 3 ST/ 2 PTS.

Game 4- 5 RB/ 6 A/ 2 PF/ 2 ST/ 1 TO/ 15 PTS.

Game 5- 1 RB/ 3 A/ 1 PF/ 7 PTS.

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Sean can ball man... I don't know what his problem is in the NBA. When he was a freshman at Virginia he played with such a chip on his shoulder and he was killin. It seems like that chip has vanished... he doesn't seem to play the game with the aggression that he used to. I hope he can figure it out this summer and make the roster.

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