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Gerald Henderson Summer League Stats

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pantherfan49    598

PDo any of you really think that Sheldon Williams is going to be able to do anything else with his life once he retires from the NBA, besides sit around his house and look really really fuging goofy?

While I won't disagree with the general teachings of your post, I would like to point out that Sheldon Williams was a member of the National Honor Society, for what it is worth.

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Porn Shop Clerk    5,527

Can't people be fuging happy that we have several nationally ranked college basketball programs in the state of North Carolina instead of fuging comparing dicks over some teams they never went to the school of?

This Duke vs Carolina poo is old, and stupid, and ignorant. Especially when you bring it to an NBA discussion.

I'm proud to have both of them in my home state, and I wouldn't trade either one for anything.

Get the fug over yourselves. Christ.

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