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What the hell does run like a troll mean?

Trolls are big strong angry badasses that wield clubs and walk like they have to take a poo.  He runs like a troll.

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Laugh all you want but movie was fuging awesome. Found it on Netflix at 2am.

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Dude runs like a troll.  One of our MVPs.   As good as Dwill has been....Trollbert might be our best rb this year. We were all like..."Marty Hurney WTF?" when we signed him, cause we all thought, "Oh No! Overcrowded backfield alert".  But dude has his niche.  Backfield isn't overcrowded it's perfect.   


David  Gettles has come in and has done a great job with the 1 year deals.  Blackburn, Ginn, and Mitchell were great signings.  But some of the Marty Hurney decisions that we've questioned (especially myself) have shown to be wise with time.   If we were fortunate enough to win the Superbowl.....we should send Marty a ring too.   


After thought:  I know MH's negotiating skills were suspect and he overpaid.  We needed a change.  Point is....this team has Marty's and Gettles stamp on it.


The one thing that separates our run game from the other is the dimension and the depth we have in the backfield   .....Tolbert being a huge contributor .. in short yardage, special team , blocking & recovering key Fumbles....I hope we build on our run game next year.


The run game is going to be  the key on the offense if we want to make it to the playoffs & make a deep run!

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