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Almost Human...new show on Fox

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I don't think there could have been a worse comparison made.  That show was cheesy and the production values were awful...and let's not even talk about the writing.  If you watched the first episode of Almost Human and came away with this impression I don't know what is wrong with you.

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Just a cop buddy show is my point. Alien Nation was horrible. "your just an alien...wait..we are more alike than we know."

But the partner dymanic is the same. "Your just a robot..wait you are more human than human..we are more alike than we know."

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If I had cable, I'd watch it for Karl Urban. Tremendous man-crush on that guy. Besides that, not very interested, and I think he deserves better.



He's a doctor...not a cop!

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haven't seen it. maybe i'm wrong but from the previews it looks like it's going to be terrible


I may have thought that too if I didn't know it was from the Fringe team and that Karl Urban is usually a+.


Great show so far, mix between cop show/Fringe type effects/Bladerunners futuristic locations.   Fringe always had sweet and brutal effects and so far the guy playing the android is excellent.  Second episode was better, had some good wise cracks but nothing where it took away from the show.  Good balance.   I already care for the main guys a bit, whereas other shows you could watch for a season and not give a crap.   Last episode was interesting because I could see something like that really happening in the future.

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