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There Goes Cam - Just getting my voice back. Thank You Brady

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The last time i went to a game was 2008 Tampa VS Carolina where we rushed 299 yards Godamn.. last night was about 100000% better than that. 


Ill say this , if theres something that you can always expect from New England is that if you dont show up to play : they will. They will take advantage of any small opportunity and turn it into points. 


Ummm.. Not last night - Carolina showed up to play and my GOD do we have depth on defense. Patriots had to resort to trying to take out Johnson and Steve Smith. This was something that seems to have been discussed amongst the players. Take out one of the star players - first smith.. click didnt happen. Then next Johnson - click a quick 10 points before the crowd came back in. BTW shoutout to section 541 :) Good times. 


As steve smith said - Patriots showed up expecting to win : instead they got their worst nightmare. They got a team as tough as the ravens used to be on defense probably even worse. They got an actually quarterback that could trade blows and trade touchdowns for touchdowns and of course dance around and miss 8 defenders WOW.. thats just sick. 


We have a tough team that gets better with each game : they get tougher and the coaching gets better and better. 


I just went wild when i realized what shula was doing : calling one of the best CLOCK killing drives ive seen.


He just did this to new england. The beauty of that drive was the time that was taken off the clock that new england had to resort to bitching about the hug. :)  Frankly New England did not even DARE go deep. Not a single throw - good times. :) 




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