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SB Nation slams JR

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FutureDynasty    486





Richardson is the sour, unsmiling, founder of Hardee's and the Panthers who forced his own sons out of the business in 2009.




So, NFL fans, enjoy Cam Newton's on-field brilliance and the Panthers' bruising defense. Revere in Ron Rivera's sudden willingness to go for it on 4th down, and be happy for NFL fans in a section of the country where the SEC typically determines football allegiances.

But save just a little bile for Jerry Richardson, a poisonous, vile old miser who has nothing but bile for you.




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KendrickPanther    7,018

That was a really shallow blog post, you can tell he was inspired by a random picture he saw on twitter and dug up paper thin evidence, probably from memory to make his point.


We will never know precisely why his sons were fired, you can make assumptions and guesses all you want but we don't know. I'm pretty sure it's not because he's a scrooge that wishes to spite his children.


I have spent a ton of time in that building and in the community with Panthers staff. You can complain about the prices or the players but the people working there are first class people. I'm not a PSL owner or a rich sponsor but I've had multiple people get to know me and treat me with respect over the years. Danny Morrison is a classy guy, I've ran into him at least 25 times compared to 0 with Mark Richardson.


Some people get caught up in politics or economics. Some people just hate rich people. If you are willing to respect that JR has his own priorities then there is nothing to be mad about.

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