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Im starting an online association draft league on 2k14 and need people who will join and be active. Please message me on xbox live for info: uncool michaei

(Yes its michaei wit an I)

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    • I am not talking about the cost of a team moving, I am talking about the vote itself.  While 50 million isn't a lot of money in NFL land, its still two million or so to each owner for doing nothing.  These moves impact the entire league, and each vote should be cast objectively, with owners thinking about what is best for the league. 
    • So, #15 re: not being allowed to "conserve time" after the 2 minute warning, was approved.  That one really needs explanation...  So far I've not seen any write up about what that one means.
    • 3 months in on the whole foods plant based diet. No animal products for the past three months. Processed food kept at a minimum.
      Just got my most recent blood test back.
      Blood Pressure - from hypertension to 110/70
      Cholesterol - Down 50 points, now in safe levels.
      Triglycerides - cut by 2/3's (whoa)
      Weight - Down 25 pounds
      Increased energy
      All within 3 months.
      Imagine what a drug company would charge if they had a magic pill that could do all of this in three months. It would instantly be the most prescribed pill in the nation.
      Yet, anyone can do it and actually save money from a less expensive eating plan.