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Hypothetical: Mike Wallace Catches the Bomb at the End

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Wish I had a gif of his critical drop on the Dolphins Hail Mary.


Does he land short of the end zone and is he touched down by Mike Mitchell a yard or two short of the goal line? I honestly think this would have been the case and doubt the Dolphins offense could have ran the 60+ yards up the field to get the next play off in under 10 seconds.




Would Wallace have been able to reach his arms or extend to cross the plane? 


In the replays I've seen I keep thinking he'd be a yard short and Mitchell would have landed on him to down him near the line. 

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Ginns drop wound up not mattering because we wound up scoring a TD on that drive anyway. (Cam rushing TD).

If Ginn catches the bomb thrown to him earlier that play is irrelevant anyway.

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