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read my lips:






before making any actual decisions

you will be a completely different person then than you are now and whatever you find you have in common with this girl now that attracts you may simply not be there at a later place and time. you will change more rapidly through your twenties than at any time in your adulthood, in ideology, interests, goals, education, etc.

Yeah...I'm sorry but that's not true at all. That might be the case for you and some of your buddies but everybody is different. I know me and a lot of people that didn't wait till 30 and everything is fine.

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Follow your heart is good advice.

But Philly is right, 20 is awfully young to make life decisions like this. I say date her, be happy, see where it goes but don't make any life commitments yet... Not yet.

She might be "the one" and you should try and find out if she is. Don't let ANYBODY tell you you HAVE to do anything though right now.



THIS....all day.


I was 24 when I met my fiance, we were together for almost 8 years when I asked her to marry me.  You don't have to rush into anything, and if are getting pressure from your or her parents to push it along after a couple years dating, tell them to F off.

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