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Back to back 100 point games: Offense is better than Defense

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Having two, great defensive but offensively challaged players out, improves this offense and balances the floor better for the post guys.

I dont want Jeff Taylor out but I think the injuries to Biz, MKG is a blessing in disguise to get Henderson and Kemba a lot of touches to get them to be more assertive on offense.

Having More minutes for the best shooter on the team in Gordon playing and getting more minutes for the suprisingly timid Zeller only helps the team for the future.

There is a reason the team has scored back to back 100 point game with the key injuries to MKG and Biz in that same time. 100 points is a challange for this team most the season.

I think by nature Henderson has too much of a passive mentality and defaults to teammates when he has the ability to score. If that turnarourd jumper is on he is hard to guard..just getting him to take it more than 3 times a game is the hard part.

Reinserting BIz and MKG back into the rotation I think the coaches can better utilize the rotation and have the most effective lineups.

I know we took Biz and MKG high but with both having raw offensive games I think maybe limiting the minutes for both while sacrificing defense for offense is a good thing. Jeff Taylor is a more balanced player who needs to get more touches and to have a larger role on the team.

With Taylor back Henderson and Kemba starting....Al Jefferson gets more room on that left block and MKG has plenty of minutes to spell Henderson and Taylor.

Just less MKG AND Biz on the floor together limiting the offense.

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I've been telling people this for two seasons, nobody believed me.


MKG is an amazing player but, he hurts us.. Biz is an amazing defensive player but, he hurts us. I can't count how many times I've said we need more Gordon on the court.

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We played Philadelphia, who is dead last in the league averaging 110 points per game against while they were missing their best wing defender (MCW).


We played GSW, who averages 100 points per game against while they were missing their ONLY wing defender (Iggy).


Keep these things in mind before making any quick decisions.

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So having we are scoring back to back 100+ point games with Biz n MKG eating up a lot of minutes? I love MKG n indifferent in Biz..not saying they are not good players. Just that the Bobcats have better rhythm n spacing on offense..nothing earth shattering or controversial imo.

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