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Along the Sidelines - Jets Edition

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Another home game, another win. The Panthers are 6-1 this season at home, the only loss at the hands of the Seahawks.


That, my friends, is home field advantage.


Some folks had the nerve to try compare Geno Smith to Cam Newton, when reality there is no such comparison.


The Panthers didn't make it any easier for Geno, of course. This is a game he will want to quickly forget.












Cam on the other hand stood in the face of defensive pressure and continued to deliver.



Steve Smith had an interesting moment on a botched offensive procedural penalty. He refused to let the refs go until they discussed the play. There is no doubt that if it wasn't for Steve, the wrongful penalty would have stood. We are lucky he is so bull headed.



Deangelo had one of his better games this season, grinding out yards on the ground and providing a huge spark on a screen play turned TD. I don't recall that ever working for the Panthers in the past.






The Brandon Lafell pendulum swung once again to the positive side. Lets hope it pauses there for a while...




Ted Ginn showed some impressive balance and footwork on a key completion that moved the chains for the Panthers. You just can't help but get the feeling Ginn could break out for a TD on any touch.




After halftime Cam spent some time with QB Coach Ken Dorsey. Cam had left the game with a stubbed toe. Dorsey appeared to be verifying that Cam was indeed 100% and ready to get back in.




Charles Johnson managed to play despite lingering effects from a stomach virus. Winters was running his mouth for most of the game and was lucky that the Panthers restrained Johnson from giving him the business.




The turning point in the game was the Jason Williams blocked punt. Williams saw an opportunity and mentioned it to the special teams staff who let him take advantage. Give credit to Williams, this is why the Panthers brought him back. Veteran move.



On Sheldon Richardson's first rushing attempt at the goal line, it was none other than Luke Kuechly that stood him up. Talk about a run stuffing middle linebacker.



Everyone, including the players, were watching the big screens in the stadium as they played Saints - Rams updates...



Mike Tolbert is a machine. A heavy machine, but a machine none the less. He practically bulldozed multiple Jets defenders to come within an inch of the goal line....




and finished them off with a scamper up the middle, demoralizing them in the process.




All in all, it was another great day to be a Panthers fan at Bank of America Stadium.


Sorry Jets fans.... maybe next year...




... or not.

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