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2014 Huddle mock offeseason sign up

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every year, us draft heads do a mock off-season as though we are a teams GM. the rules will be up later but lets use this thread as a sign up thread. if you do sign up for a team, please stay committed to completing this entire process. if you are not committed, please do not sign up for a team.


here are some links from last years mock offseason threads so you can get an idea of what is going on.


also it is bowl season, and there will be several top prospects playing so you can still evaluate lots of talent starting this weekend. but claim your teams.



Arizona Cardinals- BigSyke

Atlanta Falcons- X-Clown

Baltimore Ravens- DaCityKats
Buffalo Bills- Munch4455

Carolina Panthers- C47

Chicago Bears- Ken

Cincinnati Bengals- TylerVagyler

Cleveland Browns- DaCityKats

Dallas Cowboys- L-TownCat

Denver Broncos- panthers90

Detroit Lions- DeSim

Green Bay Packers- bdub515

Houston Texans- MichaelNewtonII

Indianapolis Colts- Promethean Forerunner

Jacksonville Jaguars- CaliPanthers

Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins- carpanfan96

Minnesotta Vikings- App Panther

New England Patriots- BigSyke
New Orleans Saints

New York Giants- jdpanther5

New York Jets- Soul Rebel

Oakland Raiders- Riverboat Ron

Philadelphia Eagles- carolina-chuck
Pittsburgh Steelers- Jackofalltrades

San Diego Chargers- Swan

San Francisco 49ers- Kevin Greene

Seattle Seahawks-

St.Louis Rams- carolina-chuck

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- micnificent28

Tennessee Titans- CaliPanthers

Washington Redskins- Third Degree

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can I have the Panthers? please.


That would be a negative. Been doing this thing for four years now trying to get the Panthers. 

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Too bad. I told DCK that I wanted the Panthers once we start it about two months ago already.


Shotgun doesn't work buddy. You sign up in the sign up thread. Quit being a woman, pick another team and be quicker next year for fugs sake....

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I'll take the Jacksonville Jaguars.


It's a sucky job, but somebody's gotta do it. ;)


(P.S. Can we put a hard-and-fast time limit on picks this year? Please?)

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