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LaFell Playing For His Next Contract

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As far as these "big" drops go.

I think the Zona drop this year is really the only one that was "big". The play after he dropped the one in Tampa, Cam rushed for 20 yards or so erasing the drop.

The play after the drop in San Fran, Tolbert rushed for 20 or so the next play to pick up LaFell.

The one in Nola I guess killed a drive but the whole team played like crap that game.

Last year however he dropped that bomb that hit him right in the hands that would have been a TD. And on a 3rd and 15 play against Dallas early in the game, he dropped what would have been a first down.

In the big picture 4 drops isn't alot. But they are concerning because they come on easy plays. I believe this is just a lack of concentration on LaFell's part and not a talent issue. At 27 years old you shouldn't have to worry about concentration problems from your #2 WR, so he does have some issues but we all already know that.

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drops arent nearly the concern with lafell.

consistency and explosiveness are the issue.


True that. LaFell is a decent WR, but his inconsistent hands and issues with separation make him somewhat of a liability in this offense. I think we can find his eventual replacement and upgrade this offseason. It would be awesome to get a Jordan Matthews in the draft and sign Hakeem Nicks to a cap friendly deal to complement Steve Smith in his twilight years to give this offense more firepower. That would be something.

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Everyone has drops maybe more than others but if the money right, sure why not? Still not a number 1 but can be a better 2

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