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†William Moore†

Hey Fatass

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I'm a Falcons fan and I'm really bored right now. Not only does our team suck ass, but we don't play until tomorrow.


So here' s a thread for some entertainment, the Saints just choked away the division and it's time for Alice to come in here and take his lumps.


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window for the Taints has closed. time for them to be a second tier team until Breesus retires, then it's back to the basement for 40 years.

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He's going to come in with his trademark "well, if you take away so and so, Saints actually won"





Statistically, Panthers weren't even in the game!
Tough loss and some real great performances on defense and run game that are getting overlooked, but looking at the stats, the disparity is amazing

Time of Possession:

38:48 Saints

21:12 Panthers

Number of plays and yards:

Saints had 81 plays for 365 yards on 14 drives

Panthers had 44 plays for 222 yards on 13 drives

3rd downs

5-18 Saints

0-9 Panthers (didn't convert a single 3rd down)


Brees 30/44 68 percent

Newton 13/22 59 percent


Saints 30 attempts for 126 yards ( Ingram was games leading rusher with 6.4 YPC)

Panthers 18 attempts for 81 (17 attempts for 38 yards without Williams TD run)

It amazing looking at these numbers and it not being a game where Saints blew out Panthers!?

The drive chart shows where the difference was and you can almost completely blame Armstead, almost.

Drive 1 : after 22 yards, sack puts us in 2 and 15, ends in punt

Drive 2: after 20 yards, sack for -11 puts us in 4 and 19, punt

Drive 3: after 59 yards, false start and -9 yard sack stops drive, Kick FG

Drive 4: after 46 yards, sacked for -7, kicked FG

Drive 5: Armstead 2nd false start puts us in 3rd and 15, stopped 5 yards short, punt

Drive 6: Brees int on 3rd and 6

Drive 7: after 31 yards, sack puts us in 2 and 19, end in punt.

Brees was actually moving ball, but sacks and pressure first half put us behind the sticks multiple times. The stats are very similar to first meeting, the difference is we scored on those first half drives multiple times instead of getting sacked and punting while our defense essentially shut down the mediocre Panthers offense a second time.


He saved it for a thread over at SR.

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He saved it for a thread over at SR.




This can't be! Stats win games! Everybody knows this. He has been posting stats that the Saints are better the entire year. It makes no sense that the Saints lost!

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I like how he always does poo like, "well if you take away Deangelo TD run and sacks on Brees and interceptions and add more point on drive and..."


Lol shut the fug up.  You had the ball nearly TWICE as long as we did and you couldn't finish drives.  You even recovered an onside fuging kick for fug's sake and we had Steve Smith for like a total of 5 minutes.


Saints lost the game fatboy.  Saints weren't able to finish whereas the Panthers did.


I also like how they conveniently forget defense is, in fact, a part of the game.  Defense is what this team is about and invested in mother fugers, ain't no shame in us winning the game that way.

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