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So apparently fat people can't even acknowledge their own fatness anymore

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Been gone for a couple of weeks and I decided to do an experiment. For 10 days I ate much healthier. Meals/snacks consisted of lot of vegetables, nuts, whole grains and what animal protien I did eat was only a couple of times, fish and chicken. The next 4 days I ate like I had been eating before this experiment. After 4 days I had to stop. I couldn't take it anymore. My body felt sick. I felt sluggish, heavy, greasy and dirty.It actually began to hurt to eat.


I can say with all honesty I didn't realize how much what I was eating affected me because I had never done anything like this before. What I can say is my mind has been changed regarding why I eat. I am not worried about being full and satisfied so much now as I am about not feeling like crap. While I realize this isn't going to be an easy transition, I'm actually looking forward to it.



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Im literally doing the exact opposite thing that all of you are haha (hipster joke added). Kcal expenditure has alot to do with what youre eating not just what youre burning--> Common knowledge. But alot of fat loss has to do with hormone imbalances and our levels of cortisol. here are some negative side effects  that cortisol has on our system: 


(Just to name a few)

1. excess body fat

2. insulin resistance

3. decreased test and increased estrogen and estrone (a form of estrogen)

4. decreased growth hormone

5. collagen loss

6. decreased amino acid uptake and decreased protein synthesis.

7. inhibits immune function

8. inhibits sodium and potassium loss

9. inhibits fluid loss via kidneys

10. depletes copper in the body

11. reduces calcium absorption 

12. increases blood pressure

Those are just a few of the symptoms.

If you want to lose weight, change enviroments and reduce cortisol. If your boss is a dick or dickette, change jobs. If your diet is poo, change it. If you have a douche for a signifigant other, dump their ass. 

Its all about balance.

Venom has it partially correct. But a meatless diet is not the way to go. My girlfriend is a dedicated vegan and the effects on here are apparent. Shes lost a ton of weight but, you can see that shes operating on a protein deficiency. Dont get me wrong, shes not starving, but shes not nourished as well as she could be. If you want to lose your gut, change your diet, change your enviroment, change or upgrade your training, raise your testosterone levels (both male and female. Im not talking about over doing it, but enough to stimulate fat loss) and lower your estrogen levels. 


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Everyone knows that its con agra and archer daniels midlands fault that we have become a nation of lard asses.  They have ensnared us with delicious foods loaded up with high fructose corn syrups.  What chance do we have against that  ?

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