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Playoff Tickets

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I'm getting a little disappointed in Panther nation, 13,000+ seats listed just on Stub Hub and Ticket Exchange. A few thousand more on ebay and other sites. That isn't just ticket brokers.



Some tickets are double listed too though between multiple sites.  I sell mine, but just to friends of friends of friends that are carolina panther fans.  KEEP POUNDING!!!  If we get a home game for the NFC Championship Game...I'll be flying in for sure to use my season tickets.  KEEP POUNDING!

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they are all the same tickets, on both if not more sites, they just give them different names,

(except the exchange) those are with ticketmaster under agreement with NFL the same ticks are also on craigslist

you can also see same tickets on every city in Carolina they are in business of selling for profit brokers do also own psls so they also take the

preseason game bite too


how many do you think the "panthers: have listed on exchange,vs offering to us ?  another thing don't they set back 1000 for the visiting team ?

which wont be known until tomorrow night ? in that sense san fran a better opponent less fans make that trip id say,

packers have following everywhere similar to steelers....

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I'm not sure how but I bought six of ticket master in the upper deck. I assumed they were sold out but I guess they have some canceled orders. Keep looking ticketmaster may have more to come

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The ticket I got from Ticketmaster is now going for roughly 2 1/2 X what I paid for it.  I got really lucky because I would have held out too long I think if I hadn't gotten it.

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