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How Long Before Charlotte is a Legit Playoff contender

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1ch1ban    6

If you mean legitimate NBA championship contenders, certainly not within the next decade. We would basically have to get a durant/howard/lebron level superstar in the draft, not merely an all-star caliber player which in itself we have been entirely incapable of doing. 


yes i completely agree with you.  Right now I think Al Jefferson is arguably one of the superstars.  The team can prove this if they can build an efficient system around Al Jefferson as one of the core pieces.  Kemba is height limited to be another core piece unless he changes his style and play around Big Al instead of taking too many shots.  Kemba needs to focus more on getting assist than score. 


in general, team needs more ball motion on the offense.  look to make assist first and move without the ball, set screen, etc. 

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