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u7h reaking Bad ?

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If you are sworn to uphold the law, does it void your oath if the law is changed?  If you have sworn to deffend the constitution do you smite the ones that poo upon it?


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    • Only time will truly tell... But I think I would rather take every other top three over this years.... Except 2012. Corey Davis might be a complete player, but due to his injury, I think his stock never really took off like a lot of people thought it might. I'm not good enough of an analyst to know whether I like Williams or Benjamin coming out... And Ross's medicals ruin him for me. I was curious about them all along, and then this report comes out and spooks me further. If it weren't for his medicals, this class would be a different story. 
    • What number would Fournette wear do you think ? Hopefully not #27