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Smith vs Lucas

Ticket prices up or down by Sunday?

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Kevin Greene    11,974

I just read this article tonight in the CBJ


"About 30 percent of traffic for the Panthers-49ers game on the SeatGeek site has come from California, Gregoire said. North Carolina (25 percent) and border states (20 percent to 30 percent) also account for large segments. The regional interest is to be expected but Gregoire said the California concentration for a game in Charlotte is atypical."


It's all the Cali Panther fans coming to take a look.

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lightsout    2,365

A few are saying they won't go down, but I got a seat for the Saints game in section 538, row 5 for $85 the day before the game. It was at $120 the day before and I was considering it. MOST seats won't do that, but there will be a few in the uppers that could get down around $100-$120. Just keep checking.

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Arroz con Panther    1,757

I did it once for a Monday night game in like 2006. I got really nervous. Nobody wants to be duped. Since then I've always bought from Ticketmaster or ticket exchange. Oh and the ticket was legit. Obviously scalpers are more inclined to dupe tickets when the demand is high.

I scalp on average 4 games a year and have been since I moved to Charlotte in 2007. I've purchased two fake tickets during that time. One was against the cardinals in 2008 and the other against the giants last year (I think). I was successful getting into the stadium for the cardinals game but not so lucky for the giants. I live by three scalping rules:

1. If possible, take a look at a real ticket and examine it before scalping. I always examine my buddies beforehand. The ticket I bought for the cards game had bigger ridges and the wrong beer sponser on the back. Other then that, it was legit as hell. Fooled me.

2. I never buy printed-off tickets. Its too easy to duplicate. Yep, bought one of these for the giants game.

3. If its too good to be true, it probably is. You're not going to get a 300 level ticket for upper level price (at least before kickoff)

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