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Official Panthers/49ers Tailgate Thread

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After what seems like too many years we finally have another home playoff game.  Time to roll out for another Huddle Tailgate and for this one we're breaking out the good china.  Starting out with a few generous sponsors (thank you AviationMX, Madhatter, and smittycam) were able to get gas money together for Ranucci to show up with his big rig cooker loaded with all kinds of goodies for anybody who shows up. 


Ranucci (www.ranuccis.com) has been doing tailgates for the Huddle ever since he bought his first cooker.  The story goes that after buying that first cooker, he contacted the Huddle about trying out a tailgate for free.  Since it was the first one he had ever done and was doing it for free, then we had nothing to lose.  If he screwed it up we couldn't complain.  It was a huge success.


Since that time he has operated a restaurant and earned a full wall of trophies including two top 10 Memphis nationals finishes.  Just recently at the Blues, Brews, and BBQ festival here in Charlotte he won a few trophies as well.  So with that said this Sunday we'll be tailgating and it's open to anyone as long as you bring some cash to donate for his services and competition quality BBQ. 


Here's the rest of the details:


Time?  We will start this tailgate at 6am.  There will be Bojangles biscuits available til they're done.  Food will be done about noon as people will be filing into the stadium shortly after that. 


What food?  On the menu this week is Ranuccis award winning competition quality BBQ, Ribs, smoked wings, buffalo turds, boiled peanuts, baked beans, slaw, and chips.  A myriad of non alcoholic sodas and waters will be available as well.  IF YOU DRINK ALCOHOL YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR OWN. 


Where?  Tailgating lot is in a large open lot that borders Church, 3rd, and Tryon streets.  We'll have a big cooker on the premises.


What do I bring?  Since we have everything covered, we really just need CASH.  It costs a lot to get this put together with parking spots, food, gas, supplies, etc.  You're getting competition quality BBQ, and ribs so please don't show up with $1 bills.


Who?  Probably 50 people or so, most on the website but some who aren't but are associated with us.


Any other questions this is the thread to ask.







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Last time I came to a play off tailgate, Jake poo the bed.  So, respectfully, I will not be in attendance.  Hope to see you at some UNCC 49er tailgates in the near future mush.

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Cant wait for these dumbass 9er fans to get a life and get off our board. They showed up last time, but left as soon as Kaep throw that game ending interception.

Hey.. your QB sucks. Literally #SF swag

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There are drawbacks to living in SoCal.......

Have fun all.

drive up to candlestick and piss on their stadium after we beat their ass.

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