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Politicians are fun folks

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Robby Soave
Robby Soave is a reporter for The Daily Caller.

Impressive journalistic credentials right there.

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    • No doubt, He had an amazing game against a pretty crappy O-Line.  Give him his props for that.  I would have loved to see him get MVP.   Have you ever heard of Timmy Smith?  Super Bowl MVP running back for the Washington Redskins.   He played the game of his life in the game of his life.  And was out of football a year or two later.  Ealy, rookie year all performance was a rookie expectations.  2nd year expect some improvement and outside the Super Bowl he was consistently inconsistent.  3rd year proof in the making he had hit his ceiling.  "The roof is the ceiling" or "the ceiling is the roof" or something like that. Sporadic player at best.   I am not in belief that Billicheat is some great guru that turns mortals into gods.  He'll be about the same as he was with us.   Mediocre at best with one or two games to think he is about to breakout.
    • Put up or shut up Zimmerman boy
    • McCaffery is significantly quicker in the other agility drills plus edges him out in vertical and broad jumps. He's more explosive and been more productive. The analysis on NFL prospect page says Samuel is stiff and that is made evident by not being as quick in the drills that matter.